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Corinth, Greece
A century of history
1 Double Bed, 1 Sofa
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Corinthos, 1930

The building, initially constructed after the destructive earthquake of 1928, is right in the center of Corinth. It is one of several buildings of this era, that are very well built. It is considered sturdy, reliable and with great historic value. 

The owners, Civil Engineers (father and son) rebuilt it into an office complex, in 2001.

The Levanda apartment (51 sqm) was designed to provide residence to members of the family for their stay in Corinth. In 2010 it was remodelled again. The natural wood on the floor and surfaces is the main element that creates a warm feeling. The very large balcony can offer relaxing moments and upgrade your experience. 



Everything for a safe and pleasant stay.







Always Lock

Before leaving the house, make sure you have closed the door and windows to the balcony. You could leave the bedroom windows open or inclined.

No smoking inside

You can smoke on the balcony if you are careful enough with the ash. You can find an ashtray in one of the kitchen cabinets.

Quiet hours

It is an office building, so you probably will be alone during non-working hours. 


Feel free to use our washing machine. You can expect to find detergent and clothes softener.


No pets, please. We love them, but you never know if the next guest has any allergies.


Feel free to enjoy relaxing time on the balcony, with 1-2 friends. Read next… 

No parties

The balcony maybe tempting, but please don’t plan to throw a party.


If you are staying with children, you should never leave them unattended at the balcony.

Garbage and recycling

There are separate bins in the kitchen. Dumpsters are across the street.


You should be reasonably quiet, and respectful to everyone else in the building.

Checkin & Checkout

The standard time is 15.00 – 24.00 for check-in and 13.00 for checkout. This may be flexible, depending on availability.

Cancellation Policy

We can understand that things may change, sometimes beyond our power. We are flexible with billing, depending on the length of your stay and the time of the year. 

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